Monday, November 24, 2008

Thrift Store Find

I've never been big on thrift stores before, but after reading some blogs on great finds, I decided to give it a try. Yesterday my fiance and I went to a Goodwill, but I didn't have much luck. I ended up with one cardigan. Today I decided to try a thrift shop in a different town - and found some amazing deals. I ended up buying 5 pieces, for just $8.20 - amazing. My best find of the day was this Oscar de la Renta jacket for 95 cents. Maybe it's not real?

Unfortunately, my camera is kind of old and I have no timer setting - so I tried both in front of the mirror and taking it myself, neither came out great. Ignore what I'm wearing underneath, I just threw it on over the sweater I wore out today. I also took a close up of the pattern (and yes, the label too...). I also purchased a navy Petite Sophisticate jacket w/ a belted waist, a Merona grey long-sleeve t-shirt, a navy blue skirt w/ white polka dots and a light blue NY & Co. button down shirt. I'm feeling happy after a successful day!

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