Thursday, November 13, 2008

Anne Slowey Pisses Me Off

Ugh. I have tried so hard to enjoy Stylista. I really like the concept - candidates who need to be good at both styling outfits and writing/editing. An Apprentice type show where the contestants are competing for an actual job, which requires them to have some talent and/or intelligence. But I have been soooo disappointed.

I am a HUGE fan of Project Runway. I've always admired that the show keeps those who are talented and boots those who screw up, regardless of the other drama going on (okay, for the most part). But Anne Slowey is no Nina Garcia. And tonight's episode was just ridiculous in terms of the decision making of the judges. They definitely did not do a good job of getting the audience on their side anyway. Instead of keeping those who are even somewhat talented, they blatantly kept the stupid drama queens - in hopes of driving up ratings? Grrr.

Team A - who lost - had an idea that didn't seem like much to begin with. A white background with white mannequins? But I felt like they actually pulled it off. At least they had a good concept - they went modern, which is what designer Tory Burch said she had in mind. And they definitely made the outfit pop - it was an O-K idea, but executed well. Team B on the other hand... filled with drama. Poor Danielle, being stuck with Kate, Ashlie and Megan. They went with a retro theme, which didn't quite match the dress. And, as both Megan and Anne pointed out - it was so literal. And boring. Not awful, but I don't understand why it won.

And THEN. We're left with a losing team with four of the strongest candidates on the show. First, Devin. She's been kind of behind the scenes, but she's got experience as a magazine editor, she won the reward challenge, and this was her first time on a losing team - in fact, she won just last week. And William - he's also never lost, and won the past two weeks. Then we have Johanna. Not the strongest - she's been on a losing team once before - but also won a reward challenge. And Dyshaun, also his second time on a losing team.

The choice seems clear - it should have been down to Johanna (who had the idea for the mannequins) and Dyshaun (who came up with the Gossip Girl theme they weren't thrilled with). So what does Anne Slowey do? She keeps the two candidates who screwed up on the team that shouldn't have lost. And kicks off BOTH strong candidates. Who also happen to be two of the only nice (okay, nicer) candidates on the show. They don't even both to give an explanation (probably because they don't have one!). Anne Slowey, you suck.

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