Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Closet: A Few New Purchases

I did a ton of shopping this past weekend... at least compared to what I have done over the past several months. I've been too lazy to get up pictures of everything, but I wanted to post a few things I'm excited about!

I've been wanting tall black boots for awhile now. I got a pair from Old Navy a few years ago that work, but they have two buckles on the side and are more "cute to play in the snow" than "sexy/professional". The Old Navy ones are also flat, and I wanted heel. I found these boots at Target. They are Merona Kaylie Tall Boots, for $32.99. I could wear these over or under jeans, with leggings, and with a new skirt I got from a second hand store for work. I see myself getting a lot of use out of these!

I also got this Merona Scoop Neck Pleat Dress at Target. It was $24.99 in the store, $19.99 online. I got dark grey tights and light grey pumps to go with it. I can't wait for a chance to wear it out! Maybe to the holiday party for school.

I got this Merona Cardigan for $10 at Target, only mine is a red-burgundy color with grey lining.

Pictures of the rest of my purchases coming soon!

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